About Us

About Us

We started liquidating merchandise in late 2014 by helping out a business that needed cash immediately.   We sold off the business’s excess inventory, returned merchandise, and outdated equipment.   The quick turnover and high return led us to one client after another.   Ever since then we have been receiving goods from every kind of business imaginable.

Our goal is to sell the merchandise off quickly which means our pricing will be extremely aggressive, especially on big ticket items.   Visit our site regularly to catch the big ticket items first.

How do we source our goods? We buyout entire business’s inventories that are going bankrupt or closing locations. We also buy entire Freight Cars and Truckloads of the latest products to achieve the maximum bulk purchasing discounts. Also, we source many of our goods from donations that are given to charities from all size businesses. The charities need to turn the newly donated products into cash and we do that quickly.

Remember all orders ship out of our warehouse in 24 hours or less.  We take full responsibility for any items lost or broken during shipping.

Thank you for giving us the chance to prove ourselves to you!

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